Even at the start of my third round, I had some anxiety about whether or not I would “do it right.” Even though I didn’t know Elaina very well at this point, her openness regarding her current relationship with food as well as previous struggles put my mind at ease. It was very common for her to text me each day either encouraging me to remain steadfast or to commiserate about how difficult (but worth it) it was to say “no thank you” to the box of Dunkin Donuts that a co-worker had brought in. Overall, Elaina has conquered Food Freedom, but she remembers how hard it was to achieve it. She is extremely empathetic to those currently on their journeys.
— Maddie. York, PA
After reading the entire Whole 30 book from cover to cover, I was ready to make my commitment in October 2017. Throughout the month, Elaina constantly encouraged me and checked in on me every single day. It was so nice to have a partner to text and call and share the struggle with the first week of the program. She reminded me that the detox is only temporary and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I couldn’t be happier with my results! I would highly recommend Elaina as a coach to absolutely anyone who needs help to stay accountable and motivated on their Whole 30 journey.
— Tiffany. Denver, CO
Elaina is true and honest in her social media posts about the journey and is always posting beautiful photos of her meals, showing you can eat healthy and enjoy your food!

In the last year, I encountered some very difficult medical issues, and Elaina has been one of the large parts of my support system. She is always there to listen, encourage, and help me through some difficult times. Elaina proves again and again to be an uplifting and motivating spirit.
— Alyssa. Scranton, PA
I was going back and forth for a year on doing a round of Whole30. I finally took the plunge in October and I couldn’t be more glad that I did! I noticed increased energy, better sleep, less cravings, and a better relationship with food. Another plus? My clothes fit a lot better! Completing the Whole30 with a group was extremely helpful - the posts Elaina & Lindsey shared each day were useful and motivating. The group also helped me stay accountable!
— - Heather. York, PA