bal·ance ˈbaləns/

noun: balance

the stability of multiple elements, allowing each component to remain upright and steady

Welcome to Balance! Balance is all about figuring out how to find stability in every aspect of our lives. Between our careers, relationships, health, wellness, faith, finance, and social life; there is a lot to keep up with. Balance is here to help you with the little things. I hope you're able to find something here that makes life a easier and more enjoyable!

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-Meet Elaina, founder of balance-

Elaina is a fitness and health enthusiast.  Elaina's passion for health and wellness stems back to high school.  Her interest in home-cooked, healthy meals started a bit later during her Junior year of college.  Since then, Elaina has discovered the Whole30 and decided to become a Whole30 Certified Coach.  She is passionate about pairing a well-balanced diet with regular exercise. She is a mental health advocate, dog lover, coffee addict, aspiring food photographer, and a beginner gardener.

Elaina is a good listener, a trustworthy friend, and enthusiastic coach.  She will take the time to understand your goals and current health status so that she can do her best to help you succeed!! She understands how overwhelming a challenge like the Whole30 can be so she will help break it down to make it manageable.  She loves cooking and will provide you with endless meal-prepping tips! 

Balancing health when working a 9-5 job can be exhausting, but with the right guidance and tools, you'll find taking care of yourself to be easier than you imagined!